cow /ox gallstones,tiger , lion teeth ,salted donkey skin / donkey hides dry salted wet

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cow /ox gallstones,tiger , lion teeth ,salted donkey skin / donkey hides dry salted wet  aiello del friuli immagine 0
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prezzo: 1000 EUR
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-full substance,
-100% machine flayed
-no ticks, no scratches, no humps
-size: 32 to 40 sq. ft.
-average size: 36 sq. ft.
-weight: 22kgs to 32kg
-average weight: 25kgs
-selection: 80% a/b, 20% c/d
-male 75% / female 25%
-1 x 40 container = 1700-2000 hides
-availability: 10 x 40 ft container
- impurity: no sand, no dust, no mud, no foreign object, no fats and no meat
- not available: no hair slip problem, no rotten hides, no fats and meat on the hides, no mule
- no holes, no cuts, no reheated,
-sand: non and clean from any other dust or mud. / /whatsapp:+237653704184/00237653704184
skype:ahmed.mohamed40964/mobile number:804 410 4259 for more information.

cow /ox gallstones
cow /ox gallstones for sale for (wholestone / brokenstone ratio is 80% / 20% )
we are full time exporter of high quality natural ox gallstone.
our product obtained from disease free cattle.
we can supply up to 10 kg. monthly. shipment prompt by air courier (dhl).
price depends on ratio of wholestone / brokenstone.
wholestone / brokenstone ratio is 80% / 20%
wholestone / brokenstone ratio is 70%/30%
wholestone / brokenstone ratio is 60%/40%

functions: to clear heat and release toxins.
to eliminate endogenous wind and stop convulsions.
to resolve phlegm and promote resuscitation.if you wish to try out what we
have,then we will be so much pleased to get your inquiry.


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